Who needs some information?

Adit : Hello?
Tyo : Oh, Hello I need some information. What places are frequently visited in Bandung?
Adit : Where?
Tyo : Bandung.
Adit : I think Gedung Sate and factory outlets are mostly visited on weekends.
Tyo : Oh, right. Is wifi provided in public services there?
Adit : I have no idea about that.
Tyo : Are branded clothes sold there?
Adit : I don’t know.
Tyo : Ehmm. Is fast food easily found in this city?
Adit : How would I know?
Tyo : Are traveller cheques welcomed in shopping centers?
Adit : I never know.
Tyo : Well, it is tourism information center, isn’t it?
Adit : : What? This is car wash service. You dialed the wrong number!

Who needs some information?

Jawaban yang tepat adalah “Tyo”.

Soal menanyakan siapa yang membutuhkan informasi.

Jawaban dapat ditemukan pada kalimat “Tyo : Oh, Hello I need some information” (Oh, Halo, saya butuh informasi).

Berdasarkan kutipan tersebut dapat disimpulkan bahwa Tyo yang membutuhkan informasi.

Jadi, jawaban yang tepat adalah “Tyo”.

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