Bagaimana mengerjakan perpangkatan

Bagaimana mengerjakan perpangkatan

mudah saja asal kamu mengingat sifat sifat perpangkatan nya saja

1. a^m × a^n = a^m+n
2. a^m ÷ a^n = a^m-n
3.(a×b)^m = a^m × b^m
4. (a^m)^n = a^m×n
5. (a/b)^m = a^m/b^m


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Baca Juga :  Every mornIng I 1.____ at five o'clock. First. I go to the 2.____. I 3.____ my teeth and take a bath. After that, I get 4.____ and comb my hair. Then I go to the 5.____. I eat sandwich and a glass of milk for breakfast. Then, I go to 6.____ by my 7.____. I 8.____ at school and then I study. I go 9.____ at one o'clock. I have 10.____ and play with my friends. In The evening, I 11.____ dinner with my family and then we 12.____ watching TV. I do my 13.____. I go to 14.____ at half past nine.