Who will have a party?

Karen : Will you go to olivia birthday party?
Mika : I will. I have prepared a gift for her,
Karen : What is it?
Mika : A tote bag.
Karen : What does it look like?
Miko : Olivia’s favorite color is pink, so I bought her a pink tote bag. It’s square. There is a small pocket with flower motifs on the front, attractively; it is complete with a pom-born key chain.
Karen : It looks beautiful. olivia must be very happy.
Mika: I hope so. she can use the bag for any occasions since it is designed for two functions, a sling bag and a backpack as well.

Who will have a party?
a. Karen
b. Miko
c. Olivia
d. Mika’s sister

Jawabannya adalah c. Olivia.

Soal menanyakan siapa yang akan mengadakan sebuah pesta.

Pada dialog di atas Karen mengatakan bahwa ‘Will you go to olivia birthday party?’ (Maukah kamu pergi ke pesta ulang tahun olivia?) kepada Mika.

Dengan demikian, dapat diketahui bahwa yang mengadakan sebuah pesta adalah Olivia.

Jadi, jawabannya c. Olivia.

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