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How many friends joined with Bagas?

Anita: Haw was your holiday last week?
Bagas : It was great. I went camping to Tawangmanug, Karanganyar.
Anita : That’s great. How many friends joined you?
Bagas : There were five people altogether.
Anita : How did you go there?
Bagas : I went there by bus.
Anita : Did you camp near the waterfall?
Bagas : Yes, it Is about a half kilometer. How about you go somewhere?
Anita : No. I helped my mother sell fruit and vegetables in the market.
Bagas : Really? Great!

6. How many friends joined with Bagas?
a. Three people.
b. Four people.
c. Five people.
d. Six people.

Jawaban yang benar adalah C.

Soal menanyakan berapa orang yang bergabung dengan bagas.

Pada dialog tersebut, Anita dan Bagas sedang berbincang-bincang tentang liburannya Bagas. Salah satu pertanyaan yang diajukan Anita adalah “How many friends joined you?” yang artinya “Ada berapa orang teman yang bergabung denganmu?”.

Bagas menjawab “There were five people altogether” yang artinya “Semuanya adalah lima orang”.

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah C

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