13. _____ (replace / replaces) the energy of animals.


There are two types of farming, they 1. _____ (is / are) traditional and modern farming. A traditional farmer usually 2._____ (use / uses) simple farming tools, such as an axe, a watering can, a sickle and a pickaxe. He 3. _____ (dig/ dogs) the land with a pickaxe and a hoe. He 4. _____ (plough / ploughs) the land with a plough that is drawn by one or two buffaloes. He 5. _____ (harvest / harvests) the crops with a sickle. He 6. _____ (work / works) very hard but 7. _____ (do / does) happily. When the harvesting time 8. _____ (come / comes), farmers 9. _____ (help / helps) each other. Before they _____ (start / starts) to harvest the crops, they usually 10._____ (hold / holds) a traditional ceremony.

A modern farmer 11. _____ (use / uses) modern equipments, such as tractor and a harvested. A tractor 12. _____ (is/are) very useful because it 13. _____ (replace / replaces) the energy of animals. A harvested is used to harvest all types of grains and seed crops. It is useful to replace the energy of men. Otherwise they have to help each other and work harder.

Number 13

Jawaban: replaces

Soal meminta untuk melengkapi bagian rumpang nomor 13.

Kalimat rumpangnya adalah “….. because it 13. _____ (replace / replaces) the energy of animals.” yang berarti “….. karena ini 13. _____ (menggantikan/menggantikan) energi hewan.”

Dilihat dari opsinya, kalimat di atas berpola Simple Present Tense, yaitu tense menyatakan rutinitas, sesuatu yang umum, atau suatu kebenaran.

Rumusnya: S + V1 / V1 (s/es) + O.
V1: subjek I, you, they, we, plural (jamak)
V1 + s/es: subjek he, she, it, singular (tunggal)

Baca Juga :  My mother usually slices some meat with a ...

Subjek kalimat adalah “it”. Sehingga, verb perlu ditambah s/es menjadi “replaces”.

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah “replaces”.